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Planning Tank is a creation of people from diverse backgrounds, just like planning in itself. Our team includes both professionals and students from both planning and non-planning backgrounds. Apart from the team members, we have our users who have supported and contributed to making Planning Tank better.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q) Vision and Mission statements of Planning Tank.

A) We started in India with the aim of increasing awareness and improving the quality of planning by means of education, networking & technology. Having realized the problems faced by planners, time and efforts wasted in trying to find the required information, websites provide adequate information which is neither too brief, nor too detailed. We wish to tap the rapid technological advancements and integrate them with Planning for much better and more resilient settlements. We are now serving planners and allied professionals all over the world and not just in India.

Considering the diverse needs of planning and trying to bring them under one roof, we focus on academic & educational articles, quizzes, news, survey & questionnaire templates, college information and job updates! Our ultimate aim is to create happy, healthy and sustainable human settlements."

Q) Is there any fee involved or any other publishing/editorial charges?

Both free and paid options are available, decided based on the requirements. All the contributions are published free of charge unless you have a specific requirement for direct or indirect promotion, for which an editorial fee may be charged. A charge is applicable if you have one or more of the below-mentioned requirements:

  • Publishing content at priority.

  • Contributions made for the purpose of gaining SEO advantages (include by means of product/service specific articles, link building, product review/ opinion, any promotional content).

  • Direct or indirect promotion

  • Linking to your client websites or promoting your own services.

  • Content is written by our team

  • Sponsored articles.

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