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We hope you are doing well & staying safe! Recent time has been unexpected and difficult for all of us. Everyone puts in their best efforts to tackle the issues and make the best out of the available time and opportunities. We did the same and worked hard to brainstorm about ways to empower planners and the planning fraternity. 

Planning Tank is proud & pleased to present Planning Times™. In our quest for a better planning profession, this initiative of online newsletter will help us to make your voice heard by a wider audience. We are starting this new venture, and we are coming out from just giving knowledge articles, to more involved content with people. This newsletter will be taking on new content, where a much wider variety of content can be incorporated. We would really appreciate it if you share/ forward this information with students/ faculty members so that they can benefit by contributing and reading the newsletter.

We would love to hear from you about this, your feedback & suggestions! Help us shape how information is consumed and be a part of this change! Hit the subscribe button on for the latest issue!

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