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Applying for Internship/ Part-time/ volunteership

What next, how to proceed?

Kinldy provide us with the following Information, it will help us plan things in a better and phased manner:

  1. What are your existing commitments/ involvements with other platforms, if any.

  2. Do you run/ manage any blogs or if you have any prior experience of writing for websites (especially WordPress based)?

  3. Do you have any experience/ information about SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords?

  4. Your CV/ Resume, Academic Profile/ work experience/ portfolio etc.

  5. A rough estimate of the time you would be able to dedicate towards Planning Tank on a weekly/ monthly basis

  6. Preferred time (morning, afternoon, evening, weekends etc.) during which you will be available for discussions with our team, working hours will remain flexible as communicated earlier.

  7. Your areas of expertise/ interest areas on which you wish to contribute.

  8. Your expectations from us and any questions which you might have and would like us to answer?

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