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You can contribute based on time available at your end and your availability. All the members at Planning Tank are majorly work as volunteers and provide their input as and when possible. It wouldn't have been possible to reach this stage without the help and contribution from our team members and readers.

Q) Is there any monetary compensation/ reward? Will I receive a certificate?

A) Certificate of appreciation/ volunteership will be provided on completion of your involvement for a duration of 6 months or more. You can contribute depending on your interest, including articles & promotion on social media.

Q) Since a lot of other platforms offer certificates, how can I receive a certificate for an article/ work that was published on Planning Tank?

A) We do not provide certificates for one time or irregular contributions like other platforms. Other platforms offering certificates for such contributions create a false sense of pride and might create unwanted trouble in later stages when quoted at a reputed place, since most of such platforms lack credibility and certificates are not expected for such contributions. However, if a certificate is important and of real value to you, we provide it for being an author/ regular contributor on our platform rather than for individual articles. Such certificates help authors to gain credibility in the market via regular contributions.

Q) Am I required to know about SEO?

A) No, it is not required but an additional advantage. We emphasize on SEO, so we can reach a much larger audience primarily through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Q) Is my work home based (WHF)?

A) Yes, the work will be completely home - based.You just need a working laptop/ PC and an internet connection.

Q) What do you mean by Traffic/ Visitors/ Users?

A) Traffic when mentioned is the number of visitors to the website

Q) What about video contribution?

A) Videos can be taken up by you if they add to your interest. They can be animated or real - life videos which we will upload to our YouTube channel. Let us know if you have something in mind about videos as we currently have very few of them.

Q) Why are there irrelevant/ less relevant articles/ topics on Planning Tank?

A) We occasionally accept some content which might not be directly related to our major focus areas but which we believe will be beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose. The content should be useful in some or other manner for the audience.

Q) What are the other ways of contributing?

  • Suggesting changes/ modifications/improvement to existing content

  • Contributing new articles on a topic which has not been covered yet, or you believe can be improved upon.

  • Providing us with topics which are usually searched for by students but can not be found easily.

  • Writing informal/ non-academic articles which aim at creating awareness about the planning profession.

  • Submitting memes/ cartoons related to planning.

  • Helping us improve our presence on Quora by providing us with answers which will be posted from our official account.

  • Sharing articles/ assignments/ reports or other work which has not been published officially, and you would like to share it with others.

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