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Partner with the industry leader & one of the oldest urban planning platform in India. Having started in 2013, we never looked back and now we are a well known brand in the market. The initial focus was on the Indian content soon translated and diversified into international readership and a quest to provide everyone with an incredibly useful platform.

Planning Tank is the India's first one of its kind platform with focus on Urban Planning. Started in 2013, with almost a decade of experience, we still retain our top spot, and now amongst the most reputed and widely known platforms. We provide a wide range of resources for students, faculty members, professionals and urban enthusiasts. Over the last few years, we have added a number of verticals and work on them continuously to provide more useful resources for our members. We have been ranked #10 by FeedSpot, and the only Indian Platform to make it to the Top 10. Our work and efforts in bringing about a change is widely appreciated within the community and is marked by our various achievements. Please visit About Us page to know more about us.

Our Service Heads:

Our area of expertise cuts across various sectors which makes us one stop solution provider for your requirements. We provide solutions for:

  • Consultancy: We offer consultancy services in the field of Urban Planning and also work with conducting surveys, report making, independent research & analysis for your projects.

  • Research and Publications: Planning Tank is the most favored publishing platform, we work with wide variety of content. We are open to articles, reports, analysis, dissertation & thesis abstracts, quizzes etc. We also offer publishing solution in form of newsletter content – “Planning Times” which is sent to thousands of our readers.

  • Advertising: Your presence on one of the most reputed and trusted platform helps you gain trust within your field of expertise. We work with wide range of advertising options such as display ads, guest posting, reviews, newsletter ads and sponsored content, etc.

  • Marketing: Advertising alone might not be the ideal and complete solution for all. We thus offer you extended services for successful marketing campaigns. Leveraging the power of social media, our various verticals and partners, Planning Tank offers you a complete peace of mind.

  • Branding: Unleash the power of branding for your audacious ideas. Utilize the best of our experience, strategy and technology to leave a mark. Get in touch with us to explore our custom branding solutions when looking beyond advertising and marketing campaigns.

Whom we work with?

Nearly a decade of experience of our team members makes us versatile and dependable for our clientele that hails from the Planning domain as well as its allied fields. Know more about whom we work with - Our Partners.

Private Companies & NGOs

Being one of the largest platforms in India, we are oft at the behest of Private Companies and NGOs to deliver their ideas, products and information to the right audience in the quickest possible manner. Apart from the aforementioned services, we also offer custom services such as hiring solutions via our Job Portal, helping them to attract the right talent, to provide efficient help for projects, or even being their partners in success through Joint Ventures. If you are looking for similar arrangements, connect with us with your requirement, and we will get back to you with the plan to make it happen!

  • Software Distribution/ Ads, Webinars & certification courses

  • Projects & Report Making

  • Surveys & Data Entry

  • Joint Ventures & Partnerships

  • Advertising & Tech Partners

  • Websites/ Product Testing & Evaluation (Functionality, User Interface, User Experience, SEO)

  • Information about various organizations/ sources for aviation industry

Universities, Colleges & Schools

We are the best fit for educational institutions offering urban planning, management or related courses. Planning Tank is visited by students as well as professionals to fulfil their academic and non-academic requirements. School students exploring Urban Planning in India find Planning Tank to be the only platform to provide in depth detail, and further have the option to connect with us for any additional queries. Thus, we are the perfect place to get the right audience. We offer institutional membership option as well which enables us to devise a unique strategy for your success.

  • Advertisement – Admission, Events, Placement Information

  • Admission Guidance (Detailed information, lead capture, counselling, doubt clearing)

  • Institutional Memberships

  • Virtual Events, webinars and competitions

  • Publication & Research (Articles, reports, factual, informative, and opinionated)

  • Internship & volunteer ship opportunities

  • Information about various organizations/ sources for aviation industry

For Schools, we offer online counselling and doubt removal sessions (one-to-one or in a group) to provide students with a complete picture of planning education. We are an experienced team – capable of understanding and resolving the students’ queries. We also help schools with their custom requirements in virtual as well as in-person meets so that information can be shared most effectively.

Freelancers & Students

With entrepreneurship at heart, we encourage and support all freelancers and students, with a readiness to even teach from our mistakes. Planning profession is yet to witness the entrepreneurial spirit, thus we work closely with those who are about to make things happen, to make things happen! Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or just anyone with an idea, we are there for you to help you put your best foot forward. After all, Planning Tank stumbles so that Planners can soar!

  • Web designing and hosting

  • A platform to publish your articles and share opinion/ reports/ research

  • Create you courses/ certifications on our Academy

  • Technical inputs for your existing and upcoming projects.

  • Support for your venturous ideas and helping you connect with others

  • Website evaluation and suggestions

Collaboration & Partnerships

For Educational Institutions, Companies, Organizations & Freelancers

We provide a wide range of services and collaboration opportunities. We always look forward to meaningful collaborations and partnerships. These range from advertisements, digital publishing, research, digital marketing, branding solution and website evaluations. To know more, please visit – Join Us

For Students & Individuals

We believe that no step is small enough to go unnoticed. We are proud of the endless small and big contributions made by our readers which help us in bringing you nothing but the best. Your small steps act as encouragement for our team and reflects the spirit of volunteerism and knowledge without barriers. To know more, please visit – Get Involved

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