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Urban Planners, both as students and practitioners face the problem of explaining their role and nature of work. Due to sheer lack of awareness and knowledge gap among the general public they are mistaken to be architects or civil engineers.

We would like to bridge this gap and try to increase awareness about the profession. The links of articles shared in this unit are meant for both the general public and those in the field. So, share as much as you can and keep on reading and exploring about this noble profession of Urban Planning!

Bridging the awareness gap – for anyone & everyone!

  1. Urban Planning - A largely unknown profession

  2. Urban Planning Courses in India - What to Expect?

  3. Why political agendas never solve your problems (Part 1 of 3)

  4. Planning process without Planners (Part 2 of 3)

  5. Loss to community because of incompetent planners (Part 3 of 3)

  6. Planners as Knowledge Workers- Key to nation's growth!

  7. Urban Planning – The Open but Hidden Gold Mine

  8. Importance of Urban Planning

  9. Little cognizance about Planning as an academic course

  10. Urban Planning and Economic Development

  11. Tips before starting a Planning degree

  12. What is Environmental Planning?

  13. Planning Times - Issue 2: The Market Value of a B.Planner

Food for thought – for Planners

  1. Importance of Urban Planning

  2. Latest technology trends in urban planning

  3. Understanding the limitations of planning

  4. What Urban Planning needs to learn from Civil Aviation

  5. Benefits of 3D modelling in Urban Planning

  6. How Big Data Solves the Urban Planning Challenge?

  7. Urban Planning & Technology - A never ending chase!

  8. Use of GIS Application in Planning Projects

  9. GIS (Geographic Information System) in Urban Planning

  10. Basis of Infrastructure Planning for Urban Planners

  11. Is Urban Planning meant for you?

  12. Placement scenario after M.Plan from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi

  13. City Leaders are selling us to Tech Giants. And it's Disturbing!

Academic and informative – for Planners

  1. The Timeline: A Guide for Students of Planning

  2. Translating Planning Phases in Norway: An Epitome of Development

  3. Regional Planning - Need, Importance & Implementation

  4. Top 5 Urban Planning Quotes and their Meanings

  5. Urban Conservation through Urban Planning

  6. How urban planning can contribute to resilience and disaster risk reduction

  7. Introduction to Human Geography

  8. Environmental Planner | Roles, Responsibilities & Future Prospects

  9. Regional Planning - Need, Importance & Implementation

  10. Changes and History of Regional Planning in India

  11. NCR Regional Plan - National Capital Region 2021 | India

  12. NCU India: Integration of Spatial and Economic Planning

  13. Urban Planning & COVID-19 | Density, Travel Demand, Water & Hygiene

Urban and Regional Planning

  1. Regional Planning - Need, Importance & Implementation

  2. Changes and History of Regional Planning in India

  3. NCR Regional Plan - National Capital Region 2021 | India

  4. NCU India: Integration of Spatial and Economic Planning

  5. How urban planning can contribute to resilience and disaster risk reduction

  6. Urban Conservation through Urban Planning

Urban Journalism

  1. The Need and Importance of Journalism in Urban Planning

  2. Selling “Urban Planning” as a product in Indian market

  3. Urban Planning in India | Lack of Planners & Educational Institutions

  4. The need of revisiting “Food, Clothing and Shelter” as necessities for survival

  5. B.Planning course in India

  6. Planners – Professionals with many hats, Profession with endless struggle | Planning Tank

  7. Urban Planning - Moving Forward or Moving Backward or Standing Still?

Transport Planning

  1. Traffic Volume Count

  2. What do you mean by Trip Generation?

  3. Traffic Islands | Meaning, Use and Importance

  4. Level of Service (LOS)

  5. Bus Shelters

  6. What is a Cul-De-Sac?

  7. Road Intersection & Types of Road Intersections

  8. Intersection Control – Active & Passive control

  9. Factors to consider when choosing mode of transport

  10. Trip generation

  11. The Relationship between Transit and Land Use

  12. Planning Considerations for Bus Terminal Design

  13. Hierarchy of Roads in India

  14. Design principles for road Intersections

  15. Origin Destination survey methods

  16. How to conduct Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) Surveys

  17. Why Transit Oriented Development Policy of Delhi Should Focus on Non-Motorized Transport

  18. 5 Good Books on Transport

  19. Good Public Transportation – A necessity for sustainable settlement

  20. Examples of Car Free Cities (Pedestrian cities)

  21. Odd Even Rule in Delhi | Reason, Merits & Demerits

  22. Impact and effect of developing roads and highways

  23. Facts about Delhi Metro, India

  24. Road Landscaping – Urban & Regional Roads | Objectives, Need, Methods

Smart Mobility

  1. What is Smart Mobility?

  2. Optimizing Autonomous Modes of Transport with on Demand Mobility Systems

  3. Autonomous Mobility and the Sharing Trend

  4. The Potentials Autonomous Shared Vehicles Will Offer To The Cities

Development Model, Theories and Related Concepts

  1. Hoyt Model or Sector Model (1939)

  2. Multiple Nuclei Model of 1945

  3. Burgess model or concentric zone model (1925)

  4. Christaller’s Central Place Theory

  5. Galactic City Model

  6. Central Business Districts

  7. Satellite City | Meaning, Characteristics, & Examples

  8. Aerotropolis: Airport Centric Cities

  9. Ribbon Development | Meaning, Benefits & Features

  10. Cluster Development for new urban areas

  11. Geddesian Triad

  12. The Rank-Size Rule by George Zipf (1949)

  13. Primate City & Primacy | Relationship between city sizes

  14. Rural urban fringe: Concept, History, Reasons, Issues

  15. Rural-urban continuum and causes of rural-urban continuum

  16. Von Thunen’s Model of Land Use and Agriculture

  17. Garden City Movement a concept by Sir Ebenezer Howard

  18. Peacock Model of Urban Design – Sustainable Urban Habitations/Eco Cities

  19. Transit Oriented Development | Transportation & Urban Growth!

Development Plan & Policies

  1. What is a Development Plan?

  2. Development plan & scope of development Plan as per UDPFI Guidelines

  3. What is a perspective Plan (as per URDPFI)?

  4. Delhi Development Plan 2020

  5. Concept, Basic Characteristics & Preparation of Master Plan

  6. Efficiency and Usefulness of Master Plan Approach in India

  7. What do you mean by Land Use Planning?

  8. Land Use Planning in India

  9. Hierarchy and Types of Plans in India

  10. City Development Plan (CDP) and comparison with master plan

  11. Smart city concept by MoUD, Government of India

Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and GIS

  1. What are Contour lines? | Types, Application & Features

  2. Elevation Map | Meaning, Interpretation, Uses and Examples

  3. Different Types of Maps

  4. Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages of Photogrammetry

  5. What is Photogrammetry?

  6. What is LIDAR?

  7. Types of Remote Sensing

  8. Digital Elevation Model

  9. What is satellite mapping & imaging?

  10. Difference between Geospatial and GIS

  11. 20 Differences between QGIS and ArcGIS

  12. Applications of Remote Sensing

  13. Remote Sensing and GIS

  14. NUIS (National Urban Information System) by Ministry of Urban Development

  15. Bhuvan (satellite image service) by ISRO

  16. Remote Sensing – Types and how it works

  17. GIS Software

  18. Geographic Information System (GIS) in Urban Planning

  19. GIS Application in Urban Planning Projects

  20. Who uses GIS Software – Organisations and Departments

  21. Unlocking the potential of cloud GIS in Forestry using new EOS Platform

  22. Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Smart Cities

  23. Nakshe by Survey of India (SOI) for India’s topographic Maps

  24. Online GIS degree

Academic Writing - Fundamentals

  1. What do you mean by Coursework?

  2. Types of Academic Writing

  3. The Importance of Good Academic Writing

  4. Difference between a research paper, dissertation & thesis

  5. How to Write in an Academic Style?

  6. What is a Technical Writing?

  7. Guidelines and steps for writing a coursework | Tips for good writing

  8. Basics of Academic Writing: Guide for Beginners

  9. Main features of Academic Writing

  10. What is an Action Research Paper?

  11. Importance of Using Educational Websites and Avoiding Wikipedia for Academic Writing

  12. 3 Tips for Developing and Expanding Your Academic Writing Vocabulary

Basics of Academic Writing

  1. Defining Aim, Objective, Scope for conducting study

  2. How to Develop Methodology For Your Research Paper

  3. 4 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Case Study for Research

  4. Importance of Guide/ Co-Guide for your research paper

  5. Tips on what is needed to conduct primary research

  6. Tips on how to conduct secondary research

  7. Some tips for better academic writing

  8. Thesis Statement | Meaning, Importance, Steps & Types

Intermediate and Advanced Writing Tips

  1. Best way to format APA paper

  2. Learn Everything about the SQ3R Method

  3. Tips for Publishing in an Academic Journal

  4. How to Cite Sources Using the Harvard Referencing Style

  5. How to Write a Book Review?

  6. The Art of Academic Writing: Tips on Writing Research Paper

  7. Tips for Writing a Thesis

  8. Understanding Doctoral Thesis

  9. How to organize a focus group

  10. How to Write a Field Report?

Survey and Questionnaire Templates

  1. RWA Survey Questionnaire (Editable) Sample 1

  2. Property Dealer Survey Questionnaire (Editable) Sample 1

  3. Water & Sewage Survey Questionnaire (Editable) Sample 1

  4. Household Survey Questionnaire (Editable) Sample 1

  5. Pedestrian Count (facility users & jaywalkers) Template Sample 1

  6. Pedestrian Speed Survey Template (Editable) Sample 1

  7. Pedestrian OD Survey Template (Editable) Sample 2

  8. Building Use Survey Template (Editable) Sample 1

  9. Pedestrian OD Survey Template (Editable) Sample 1

  10. Zoning of land for OD Survey

  11. Origin Destination survey methods

Book Reviews and Famous Theories

  1. About the book: Image Of City by Kevin A. Lynch

  2. Four Good Books on Indian Urbanisation

  3. 5 Good Books on Transport

  4. 5 Must Read Books on Public Spaces

  5. John Friedman’s Theories of Economic Planning

  6. Jane Jacob’s vision for cities

  7. Doreen Massey on Urban Space

  8. Influence on Urban Planning by Kevin A. Lynch

  9. Edward Soja’s Theories of Urban Space

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